Thursday, July 25, 2013


I've been going on some family antiquing road trips lately! So, for this week's "Highways and Byways" themed Spoonflower contest, I made a fabric design portraying antiquing.
Unfortunately we haven't made it out to any giant antique shows or fairs recently, but we've been stopping at independent stores. One place we visited is a store called Carousel Antiques in Franktown, Ontario. The following photos will give you and idea of what it's like.
An amusing picture in the entrance is always a good welcome.
This bright green shutter would add some jaunty color to a room. There are many ways to use shutters as décor.
Sparkly glass knobs are such a pretty detail on furniture!
I love this lemon yellow floral hat box.
This dress looks like a cupcake.
A classic sewing machine ad would make a great craft room poster.
These strawberry glasses are the segue into the photos of the (in my opinion) best part of the store: the kitchen section. It is packed with beautiful white cabinets full of pink, red, aquamarine, mint, and yellow housewares, mostly from the 1920s to 1960s. There also happens to be an abundance of fruit print items! I was drooling!
So. Much. Fruit.
Beautiful cabinet.
Do you see the cute gingham bow bowl?
I really like these stools.
Ah, there's the typical cheerful housewife!
This pale, scalloped, dotted Swiss curtain is so buttery and sweet.
Overall, Carousel Antiques is a store with tons of intriguing items, and with more places to visit, the treasure hunt of our summer antiquing continues!

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