Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Vintage Vacationers

These photos are from a massive gallery on The Weather Channel called Before the Bikini: Rare Vintage Beach Photos. They are super interesting, so here are some of my gallery favourites from the 1930s.
 April 1935: Fishermen and girls on holiday near Bigbury in South Devon, England.
 April 1938: The Silver Sax Six rehearsing at a resort.
 August 1930: Swimmers doing the splits in Eastbourne, England.
 August 1931: Deauville, northwestern France.
 August 1935: Children on the lawn of a seaside hotel in Birchington, Kent, England.
 August 1935: Dancers from the International Institute of Margaret Morris Movement on the beach in Sandwich, Kent, England.
 August 1937: Southport, England.
August 1937: Women playing cricket on the beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, England.
 The girl on the right's facial expression is fantastic!
 August 1938: Women playing billiards on the beach with a table made of rope in Oregon, USA.
 August 1939: Girls on the helter-skelter slide at Coney Beach Amusement Park in Porthcawl, Wales.
 August 1939: Hastings, Sussex, England.
 1930: Young ladies listening to a BBC studio broadcast on the beach.
1934: Women wearing beach pajamas. 
 1935: A seaweed jump rope!
 February 1931: Lifeguards in a balancing contest on a beach in Sydney, Australia.
 July 1933: People on a beach in New Jersey, USA, waving goodbye to an airplane full of friends.
 July 1934: The Eight Step Sisters rehearsing in Worthing, Sussex, England.
July 1935: Star formation sunbathing in Havre de Pas, France.
 July 1935: Little ice cream eaters in Littlehampton,West Sussex, England.
 July 1935: Sailors from HMS Fury and two women jumping rope on a beach in New Jersey, USA.
 June 1930: A birthday girl gets the bumps at Brighton seaside resort in East Sussex, England.
 June 1935: Women using inflated swim bars to exercise on the beach in Worthing, England.
June 1935: Two girls dancing with beach balls in Sussex, England. 
 June 1936: Bridlington, Humberside, England.
 May 1936: A beach fashion show in London, England.
May 1936: Beach vacationers riding donkeys in Blackpool, England.
November 1931: Sydney, Australia.
 May 1930: Enthusiastic vacationers playing leap-frog on a beach in California, USA.
I love how these old photos capture the free-spirited essence of summer!

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