Monday, July 29, 2013

50 Years Later

As a boy, my grandpa, David, lived across street from the aunt and uncle of my grandma, Karen. When David and Karen were young, Karen came to visit her relatives. One day during her visit, Karen's Uncle Perry gave David some money and asked him to take Karen to the soda shop. David, a friendly kid, was probably delighted by more than just the free ice cream money, and they became loyal friends. Since Karen didn't visit her aunt and uncle very often, David and Karen began writing letters back and forth (starting out with lines such as "It sure was swell to meet you!"). Fast forward a few visits and several letters to when David and Karen were 13 years old. While Karen was visiting, David casually asked her to marry him, and she replied with, "Sure!"  It was a childish but completely honest proposal. During their teen years David regularly hitch hiked across the country to see Karen, and wrote (actually very beautiful) love poems to her while fighting in the Vietnam Conflict.
 Finally, on July 29th, 1963, my grandparents were married after their technical 10 year engagement! 
They were energetic, creative, thoughtful people who were clearly meant to be together.
They fulfilled their wedding vow of  "till death do us part", and today I am celebrating their 50th anniversary for them by sharing these photos!
50 years later, my grandma's wedding attire, which I inherited, is still functional.
The sturdy, pretty simplicity of her dress is a perfect reflection of their marriage, as their childhood sweetheart romance grew naturally into lifelong love. A marriage like that should remembered and, above all, emulated!


  1. gah.. my romantic heart is literally melting over here. this is so so so beautiful.
    and GAHHH. her dress is gorgeous!

    1. Haha thanks Marcia! Yup, the best thing about a classic style wedding dress is that the photos of it will always look great!


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