Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Vintage Yellow Chair

Recently, when my mom and I were on a drive, we saw this chair sitting at someone's curb. It looked as forlorn as a bright yellow chair could possibly look, but we weren't sure if it was actually out for the garbage. Since we didn't want to walk up in broad daylight and steal someone's chair from the edge of their lawn, we decided to wait. The next day it was still there. The day after that it had not we took action. To be neighborly, my mom left a note in the owner's mailbox saying that we took their chair and, if it had not been for the taking, to call her at the number she left. The owner called her that let her know that the chair had been out for the garbage, in case she was feeling guilty! I thought that was quite kind! 
This bright little chair is very old, potentially from the 1920s. I like how it is missing some chunks of paint, because it looks loved. I'm sure it will make a cute décor addition or prop for a photoshoot. It certainly looks jaunty with a pot of Johnny Jump Ups!

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