Sunday, May 12, 2013


I found this poem titled "Mother" in a Rachel Ashwell book, although the author was unspecified. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful and true piece of writing. Motherhood should be appreciated beyond measure. 
 Mother is a little girl who trod my path before me;
Just a bigger, wiser little girl who ran ahead--
Bigger, wiser, stronger girl who always watches o’er me,
One who knows the pitfalls in the rugged road I tread.
Mother is a playmate who will always treat me kindly--
Playmate who will yield me what true happiness demands.
She will never let my feet stray into brambles blindly--
Mother’s just a bigger little girl who understands.
Mother is an older little playmate who’ll befriend me--
Yesteryear she traveled in the path that’s mine today.
Never need I fear a foe from which she might defend me--
Faithful little pal who ran ahead and learned the way.
Here are some '80s photos of my mom. She is creative, funny, talkative, and we get along great! I have ran out of ways to describe how amazing she is. I love her so, so, so much!
Continuing down the path, here is my wonderful grandma. She was a painter and always looked effortlessly perfect.
 (My grandfather's caption clearly proves that he agreed!)
...And here she is with her mom, my great grandma, who was a talented photographer and a lover of literature.
 "Yesteryear she traveled in the path that’s mine today..."
"...Faithful little pal who ran ahead and learned the way."
Happy Mother's Day, all!

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