Friday, January 10, 2014

The Secret Artist

A fluttering lens was barely noticed as it inconspicuously traipsed down mid-20th century streets. The moments were captured, the negatives were labelled and boxed up in a crowded attic, and the photographer modestly dissolved into the abyss of unrecognized creativity. Then, somewhere between shouts and slams of an auctioneer’s gavel, John Maloof, a filmmaker and historian, snagged several mysterious boxes at a Chicago auction house in 2007. His $380 purchase unveiled a jaw-dropping treasure. 30,000 negatives and prints made up the invaluable time capsule. Vivian Maier, an American street photographer, was finally discovered, and her fame erupted after her death in 2009. This is the kind of story that astounds me. It goes to show that people have undiscovered talents and potential--and talk about a fantastic auction find! You can check out this site for more information. I love that Vivian took photos of the ordinary and the incidental extraordinary, and I appreciate the ability to see some of those sights. Her self portraits, like the one from 1954 above, are especially unique. Here are some of my favourites of her photos.
1953 New York, NY.
1950s Canada.
1953 New York, NY.
1953 New York, NY.
1954 New York, NY.
1953 New York, NY.
1954 New York, NY.
1954 New York, NY.
1954 New York, NY.
1956 New York, NY.
1961 Chicago, IL.
1963 Chicago, IL.
 Audrey Hepburn at the Chicago premiere of My Fair Lady at the RKO Palace Theatre, October 23rd, 1964.
 August 1960 Chicago, IL.
 August 1975.

 July 27th, 1954, New York, NY.
 July 1957, suburb in Chicago, IL.
 June 1954, New York, NY.
 May 16th, 1957, Chigaco, IL.
 New York, NY.
September 18th, 1962.
November 8th, 1955.
 New York, NY.
January 1953, New York, NY.
 Self-Portrait 1955.

 September 13th, 1953, Empire State Building, New York, NY.
 Undated Color.

September 3rd, 1954, New York, NY.
Self-Portrait May 5th, 1955.

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