Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Multipurpose Sash

When I am putting together an outfit I frequently find the need for some sort of colorful print embellishment in the form of a belt, bow, or whatever. Most ribbons don't come in floral prints, and are normally just solid or two color designs, so that is why I decided to whip up a fabric sash. Here is a tutorial for this useful multipurpose accessory that is quite quick and simple to make. 
Fabric of your choice (half of a meter will be more than enough)
Matching thread and a sewing machine OR matching thread and a needle if you prefer hand sewing
Sewing pins
Sewing scissors
An iron
Depending on what you plan to use the sash for you can make it whatever size you want, but I find that a 40 inch by 1.5 inch sash is a good general size.
Step 1: Measure out and cut a 41 inch long by 4 inch wide rectangle of fabric. Please note that this factors in half inch seam allowances.
Step 2: Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise with the wrong side showing (important!) so it is now 2 inches wide. Pin the strip so it stays folded.
Step 3: Sew a seam down the full length of the edge of the folded strip to create a tube.
Step 4: You have two open ends of the strip. Choose the scruffier one and sew it shut.
Step 5: Remove the pins.
Step 6: Turn the tube right side out.
Now you have a sash that is right side out with all but one end nicely sewn together. However it will likely be puffy and have a twisted seam at this point.
Step 7: Iron the sash so that the seam lays flat and straight along the side.
Step 8: Find the final open end and fold it into the tube to create a straight, clean edge.
Step 9: Sew the folded in end of the tube shut. You will have visible stiches here, so try to make them as neat as possible!
Now you're ready to use your versatile sash to liven up your outfits!
It makes a great belt...
...And headband...
...And bow tie...
...And sash tie...and whatever other use you can dream up!
You'll likely soon realize how useful theses sashes are and start to make a bunch out of all your favourite fabrics!
Enjoy accessorizing!


  1. ahh. that's adorable. I adore the floral fabric, and definately love the headband idea. It's perfect for keeping all those little strands of hair back from your face during the summer. I am so going to have to make one of these. thanks for sharing, dear.

  2. Thanks Marcia! Glad you'll be putting this idea to use! And yes, I absolutely love floral fabric!


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