Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Liberty Scarf

Loving the pattern and flowy hand of this Liberty scarf! Also the blue and orange contrast is so cheery. I dug it out of a scarf pile at the local thrift store and was not surprised to see the name. That iconic illustrative style!


  1. Congratulations!I have not had such luck finding Liberty scarves. I've only ever found two while thrifting and a moth had gone ham with one of them :/ But I love my collection of silk scarves, but I struggle with fitting them into a contemporary wardrobe without them looking dated and stuffy. ya know?

    1. Bwaha! That moth has a good eye! I encourage you to keep an eye out and one will fall off the rack at your feet sooner or later!

      Sometimes collections take time to become practical. I collected Vera scarves for years before they realized their purpose--now I wear them in my hair 1940s style whenever I am swing dancing.

      Mixing them in with an all contemporary wardrobe, as a flash of the pattern you love, is a good start. You could wear your scarves as a sash belt, or tie one to a bag handle to flutter along as you walk? I say just keep them around and visible and inspiration will strike!


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