Wednesday, July 18, 2018


 I went to Montréal (again) and fell in love...with this restaurant. Mandy's. I've never been in a restaurant that is as close to an embodiment of my own personal style as this place, both in terms of stunning décor and gourmet allergy-friendly food which is incredibly rare! It's like the creators crawled inside my brain and lounged on a sofa in there for a while, soaking up the details. It was like walking into my Creatively Graceful Boutique design realized as a restaurant, with a dash of tropical paradise thrown in for originality. Can I just point out that pink and gold semicircular channel back banquet?!
Sewing machine table, picket fence, sunlit patio
Crisp black paned doors, topiaries, black and white stripe scalloped awnings
 Chippy turquoise door, greenery
 You can create your own salad! Delish choices! Well priced!
 Black and white checkerboard floor, ornate ticking stripe chair
 A ready-to-eat boutique section, complete with foodie décor items
Soaring ceilings, architectural fixtures
 Can I just get the whole place to go, pretty please?
A bar of pure cheer
Thonet chairs, gold globe pendants, cane stools
 Wildflowers, mason jars, marble bistro tables, gold flatware
Oh, it is! It IS!
I even stumbled upon a Mandy's truck dans le Vieux Port! A glossy pink beacon of bliss!

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