Monday, March 21, 2016

3rd Blogiversary: Leather Shoes

The traditional gift for 3rd anniversaries is leather. Hence, I have decided to celebrate my favourite piece of leather, my shoes, which I have worn pretty much constantly for 3 years. I found the lovely pair at Value Village for $12.99. Ironically, a week later, I happened to see the exact same pair in my size, but I passed them by since I had just bought mine and I didn't realize how much I would grow to love them. Ultimately, they are a metaphor for something that means more than fashion.
replaced their laces with sheer ribbons, which have surprisingly held up for the 3 years!
 These guys have been to Toronto, Montréal, Québec City, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, many an antique show, and so on! They have been covered in mud, but they just brush off and acquire a pretty patina.
 They are obviously durable, and have aged beautifully. They are so soft now, and have comfortably molded to my feet. These shoes also look good with both pants and dresses, and, best of all, I can walk forever in them.
I hope someone else owns that other pair of these shoes and is loving them. This all to say that quality is what to strive for, because quality lasts. A life surrounded by good, positive, enduring things is gorgeous. Thank you for 3 years of readership--here's to many more years of loveliness!

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  1. Fantastic blog you have here. You’ll discover me looking at your stuff often. Saved!


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