Friday, February 07, 2014

Modern Manners

"He measures her real worth by her good taste and consideration, and certainly prefers this modern-mannered miss to a merely pretty one."
Some old-fashioned charm may be the perfect thing to brush up on in this season of romance. I've been doing just that with this pocket-sized etiquette manual I purchased at a book sale for $0.25. I imagine it was the ideal little piece to whip out of a purse in a moment of social uncertainty. Copyrighted in 1932, Modern Manners is a hilariously cute read.
  The chapters of advice are "First Impressions," "Meeting and Talking," "Letter Writing," "In Public Places," "Romance in the Air," "The Office Woman," "Short Trips," "Traveling," "A Newcomer in Town," "The Formal Dinner," "Week-Ending," "Country Club Life," "Easing Illness," "Harmony in the Home," "Marriage Engagements," "The Wedding Day," "Wedding Receptions," "Dress for Special Occasions," "Funerals," and "Social Incidents." Whew! Yes, it's that exhaustive.
However, the book begins with an intelligent disclaimer: "Common sense is the guide. Our manners change with our methods of living, but consideration for others remains the basic fact."

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