Sunday, May 01, 2016

Creatively Graceful Boutique Design

I am thrilled to share the design for my Creatively Graceful Surface Pattern Design Boutique! This store sells my surface pattern designs on homewares, gift items, clothing, and textiles, and reflects the whimsical style of my designs through the fixtures and décor. My analogy for the space is a ball held at a vintage textile factory in the spring! Though this boutique is not yet a reality I hope that some day it will be, and when that day comes I will be all set! The storefront windows are masked with the silhouette of my logo and the items within represent the imagination and creativity bursting out of the logo's brain.
Here's an interior perspective looking into the Textile section through the Gifts section. The cash counter has a central space for the Surface Pattern Design of the Month and window space on either side to display the vignettes of the items of inspiration for the design.
The rendered floor plan
The rendered reflected ceiling plan
 The rendered planogram for the wall of the Clothing and Gifts sections
The rendered planogram for the wall of the Home and Gifts sections
The renderings board and my company manifesto
The board for the antique and eclectic furnishings and electrical specifications
Finally, here's the finishes board. Scalloped concrete tile, Carrara marble, a spray of blossoms over the cash...the elegant, graceful finishes allow the chaotic, creative products to stand out! Above all, I want to make the customers' days with thoughtful touches, and invite them to discover the story behind each design!

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