Saturday, March 05, 2016

Découpaged Flower Chair

This project began with me hoarding magazine clippings of flowers for 7 years.
I wanted to cover a chair in them, but was waiting for the perfect chair to drop into my life. One day I was driving home and realized it was garbage day in my neighbourhood. I took a detour looking for furniture at curbs and slammed on my breaks when I saw this chair upside down on someone’s lawn. I threw it in the back seat as the neighbours stared, and I smirked gleefully all the way home. The chair has funky mid-century lines. 
I washed it and ripped the decomposing upholstery off the seat; there were 3 layers of atrocity to work through, the crowning glory being this exquisite '70s fabric. Needless to say, ew, that was a task and a half. 
Then I started gluing the flowers to the surface with Mod Podge. 
And gluing...
And gluing...
It took too many hours to count, but it’s exactly the cheerful piece I first imagined oh so long ago!
Here's to the warm and flowery days to come!


  1. Hey,

    We met in the Student Commons last week.
    Thanks for turning me on to Spoonflower and your blog (subscribed!).

    LOVE this chair!

    Best of luck with everything,

    1. Hey Elaine! So nice to hear from you. Thanks a bunch! Keep in touch!


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