Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spoonflower Exhibit Model

 I was asked to dream up an exhibit design for a course I am in and make a scale model (1/2" = 1'-0") for it. I chose create a design for the type of booth Spoonflower might have at a trade show to promote a new (fictional) cotton upholstery fabric.
 The fluid space frames resemble bolts of fabric being unrolled, and there are segments along them for a variety of designs from the Spoonflower Marketplace to be displayed. 
The ones shown are from my shop and ottomanbrim's shop. The wallpaper design at the back is by joanmclemore and the one on the sides by alicia_vance.  
 Above the seating area at the back of the exhibit there is a hanging chair made of the new upholstery fabric. The hanging banners are all the different types of fabric Spoonflower offers.

 On the back wall there is a shelf of bolts of fabric and wallpaper samples, and a table to view and cut them on. There are Spoonflower Handbooks for distribution as well.


  1. That is so cool! I love how you made the structure look like bolts of fabric. Very clean, fresh, and fun!


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