Monday, May 26, 2014

The Page that Started it All

I will always adore fashion and interior decoration, but I've finally realized that it is truly the fabric behind it all that I love. It is the gorgeous, functional, versatile medium that easily transforms simple structures or is crafted into a shape of its own. Recently I've been thinking a lot about how I got involved in fabric design, and how much I enjoy it. I began thinking about how I first was introduced to the art form. In March 2012 I was leafing through an issue of Country Living when I stumbled upon this page. I was immediately captivated by the script-print chair, because that is one of my pieces of dream furniture. I read that the chair fabric was made through, set the magazine down, and went on with life. For a couple months I pondered the idea of designing fabric, and then I finally remembered to check Spoonflower out. The site instantly hooked me, and when I read about their weekly contests I was certain that I had found a thrilling new hobby.
The first contest that I entered had the theme of cakes made with paper collage. I was delighted by the fact that it seemed like the perfect prompt, because I love to create art featuring food and I often make paper collages. My Cupcake Damask  fabric was the result. Since then, of course, I have made many a fabric design, read numerous books on surface pattern design, and everyday I feel more and more packed with ideas. It's funny how a single page in a magazine can initiate such strong creative direction!

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