Friday, April 05, 2013


Spoolery shall be the name of this fashionable DIY. I have, in one of my boxes of random craft items and junk, a bunch of little wooden spools. They are about 1cm in length, and I knew I could make some fun jewellery out of them that would represent my love for sewing, color, and fashion. I used some nicely hued embroidery thread and clear elastic cord as well. 
I wrapped and tied the thread around the spools and then pulled the spools onto the elastic cord.
...and this is how it turned out! 
I also painted a few of the spools and twisted some wire through them to create a pendant for a necklace. My friend was amusingly thrilled by the result, and she bought this white one and a purple one at a craft sale I was in! Spools really are a great way to display a burst of color--always look for beautiful potential in unsuspected places!

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