Monday, June 10, 2019

Victorian Mansion

Last weekend I had the delight of staying in this Airbnb in Rochester, NY. I highly recommend! It is charming, clean, convenient, inspiring, and the hosts are superb communicators. Take a peek inside these historic walls.
 The décor was an eclectic vintage enthusiast's dream.
The black and white checkerboard bathroom and claw foot tub are stunning!
The kitchen was my favourite part--it was actually below the rest of the unit, via a winding servant staircase. I enjoyed that it was part of the unit but separate enough to be a space to retreat to when a couple of us were upstairs sleeping and the rest of us didn't want to disturb.
 Minty counter and more checkerboard tile!
I'm a fan of the fan light, and these tiny antique details.
A resident kitty made an appearance on the back deck.
 The kitchen windows were open a crack all weekend so the whole room smelled like lilacs and magnolias.
Such a grand porch so charmingly nestled in greenery!
A few of the architectural sites from a stroll around...
Staying in this lovely home made the weekend even more enjoyable!

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