Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Swinging at the Rialto

I said I'd be drooling at the architecture, so voilà, here are some photos from my weekend of swing dancing bliss at Montréal's Rialto Theatre, built in the 1920s. Hexagonal marble tile, mosaic, brass, and rich wood is a good start. The stairs throughout the place were marble--people--worn down by the performers and musicians and dancers and theatre-goers of the past (almost) 100 years. Oh if these walls could talk they would sing.
The iconic artwork nestled between pilasters made for a vintage-tastic welcome in the front entrance.
a.k.a the cheeriest musical ever made
Now behold the main theatre...
I think I hear the hallelujah chorus over the band.
I spent some time up in the balcony and boxes just observing the social spectacle.
It was a great vantage point for the social dancing and performances!
Look at that regal illuminated R.
Thank you Cat's Corner!
In addition to cats there were also many chandeliers lurking in corners.
...and so much majestic stained glass.
I can't wait to go back and dance there again!

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