Thursday, July 28, 2016

Almonte, Ontario: The Friendly Town

Here's some snapshots of the quaint Almonte, Ontario, Canada. That bag's claim is genius--nice, J.B Arts. As a woolen mill town it is rooted with textile history and presently flourishes with festivals and creativity galore!
Salvage décor boutique Tin Barn Market melts upcyclers into a puddle of joy. Also, note the Lending Library.
Baker Bob's next door is now back from their bakeation.
 Cheerfully Made: where it rains watermelon seeds
The clock tower
Mighty fine gingerbread
Heirloom Café
Victoria Mill
There's three antique stores and an antique mall just on Mill Street, the main drag in Almonte--such paradise!
The antique mall
Almonte Electric Plant
 Nifty shingling on Almonte Riverside Inn that coordinates with the roof of the Almonte Old Town Hall.
  A millstone engraved with a poem and turned into bench
Amazonian Almonte--the waterfall at the center of the town
 I'm a sucker for a good bunting, this prayer flag included. It looks lovely fluttering against the waterfall.
The words "textile" and "museum" are thrilling on their own--together they are too good to explain.
 If you follow that exciting arrow you will end up at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, housed in the Rosamond Woolen Company building, built 1867. Speaking of textiles, here's my Almonte collection.
I recommend a stroll through Almonte!

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