Friday, September 04, 2015

Eastern Canada 2015: NS

Glace Bay, Nova Scotia: the point from which Marconi sent the first radio message
A weathered church near Glace Bay
A foggy welcome at The Fortress of Louisbourg
The view from that turret is very lush.
Crossing this moat made me want to visit every castle in Europe!
The golden Frédéric gate
I got very excited when I started recognizing furniture styles! Behold: a Louis XIV style fauteuil with leather upholstery and block turning.
A humble home
I see the logic behind the name of Cape Breton Island: Scotland. So much stone. So much green.
A beautifully restored landscape
Turkeys are hilariously weird creatures.
The garden at The Engineer's House
A wholesome appetizing
The Engineer's furniture
Wood and mustard velvet
Military Chapel
The King's Bastion
Military Pageantry
Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
This cemetery holds 121 Titanic victims, more than any other cemetery in the world.
This grave had many people flock to it after the release of Titanic. It is actually the grave of Joseph Dawson, who shovelled coal as a member of the ship's crew--not the fictitious Jack Dawson.
These are a child's shoes recovered from the wreckage at the ocean floor and displayed in the Titanic exhibit at The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
A clock from the rubble of The Halifax Explosion of 1917
A tea set from the rubble of The Halifax Explosion
The Acadia.
An elegant antique store in Halifax: Urban Cottage Antiques & Collectables
It is grand, full of interesting stuff, and doesn't even smell musty!
Peggy's Cove
Intriguing rocks
This is arguably one of the most refreshing places on earth. I climbed over the crevasses and tide pools and lay on the lichen-coated rocks for hours. The intense wind blew my hair straight back, and the salty air made my skin so smooth.
So Maritime

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