Monday, June 22, 2015

Retro BBQ Tray by Marcelline Stoyke

 This fabulous BBQ tray was a mere $4.99 from Value Village. The whimsical illustrations are by Marcelline Gougler Stoyke, a designer who lived in Evanston, Illinois in the mid '50s. This is one of a series of her designs created for trays. Marcelline worked for Social Supper, Pickard China, Sears, Heisey, Stotter, Federal Glass, and Melmac. Doesn't the jolly chef just make you grin from ear to ear? Her model was her husband. And that "Come 'n get it!" is hilarious! Marcelline's style of illustration is perfection: graphic, detailed, whimsical, joyous, and a total inspiration for me!

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