Monday, May 18, 2015

Finnegan's Market

 Last Saturday I went to Finnegan's Market in Hudson, Quebec. It is a pleasantly sized, nicely situated, laid back outdoor antique and craft market. Bonus: the town of Hudson is stunningly quaint.
 I found this gorgeous ceiling medallion and plan on painting it white to touch up the scuffed bits. It only cost $10! Instead of gluing it to my ceiling I am going to hang it on my wall.
 This $1 vintage travel sticker was my favourite out of a binder full of them. The doughy chef makes me chuckle.
 At the last booth I was looking at I saw this bundle of vintage sewing patterns in a box under the table and whipped it out. It cost $3! I adore the illustrations! More for my collection!
 This sweet tag was under the patterns. I'm not sure what it was for--Bridge, maybe? If you know, let me know!
 I also got these lovely saucers in a mismatched bin for $2 each.
 Finally, this $20 apple crate has wonderful texture and graphics, and a woody smell!
 I highly recommend making a trip to Finnegan's!

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