Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chatsworth House a.k.a. Darcy's Pemberley

 The other day my mom bought a plate at Value Village, loving the Transferware pattern and thinking the house on it looked familiar. Our suspicions were correct because when we looked it up we discovered she had purchased a plate featuring Mr. Darcy's house! Swoon! When it comes to Pride and Prejudice adaptations I definitely fall into the category of Jane Austen accuracy purists and prefer the 1995 version. That being said, when I saw the 2005 adaptation I was blown away by the filming of the scenery. In particular the footage of Chatsworth House, a.k.a. Pemberley, a.k.a. the house on the plate, is gorgeous!
 That's right, Mrs. and Mr. Gardiner--I feel the same way.
 I mean look at that checkerboard!
 And that staircase with the grand carvings!
 And oh how I would adore a room of marble statues in my house.
There he is: the notorious Mr. Darcy in the marble.
Then, later, we see Lizzy flee out the side of the imposing stone mansion...
Followed, of course, by the tension-filled romantic conversation overlooking the stunning gardens. Such breathtaking cinematography!

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