Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Quick Tip: DIY Ruffled Edge Scarf

I've had this scarf for a few years and I love its bright color and airy texture, but the fringe always got tangled in my hair. It made for a generally ratty sight, so it frequently sat in my closet. Now that spring is around the corner I am obsessed with everything yellow. This time of year reminds me why it's technically my favourite color (I say technically because, in practice, I usually favour pink.) Anyway, I snipped those dangling strings right off and sewed down the two ends of the scarf to reduce the likelihood of it fraying. The scarf now has a slightly scalloped, ruffled edge, which I love because it looks like a daffodil!
How perfect for light spring outfits!


  1. Who would've thought that getting rid of some annoying fringe would result in something so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing!



    1. Yes, it's amazing how important details are! You're very welcome, Elise!


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