Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mannequin Fix-Up: Hallelujah

At long last! I have purchased a dress form! This one was only $40 at one of my favourite consignment stores. They were clearing out extra mannequins from their warehouse, and I happened to walk in the day they put them on the floor. Needless to say I quickly hauled this one out of there. Actually, I didn't have to do much hauling because it conveniently disassembles. Its measurements are 36''-25''-36''.
It has a slick wooden base, but I prefer the look of white to wood so I fixed it up with some paint. The neck and bottom of the dress form also needed some attention; I added a topper and stretched and pinned the mannequin cover in place. 
My mom and I have been excitedly experimenting with chalk paint, which is fabulous because it can be used on practically any surface without sanding, priming, or the like. It covered the wood very well. I purchased this circular wooden disk from Michael's, which we also slathered in chalk paint. The disk and one of these knobs were used to cover the hole in the top of the neck. I knew that knob would come in handy for my future mannequin!
Now I no longer have to drape every article of clothing over myself while sewing!

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