Saturday, October 12, 2013

Little Red Riding Skirt

This skirt is like something from a fairy tale. As unbelievable as it may sound, I found the vintage Ralph Lauren beauty at Value Village for $6--quite the deal!
I adore the skirt's pleats and rich color. It is made of warm wool. Plus, the length and weight is fabulous because I don't have to be concerned about it ballooning up with the slightest breeze! It's a great skirt for twirling and, of course, waltzing through the forest on the way to Grandma's.
This photo was taken just before something ran out of the bushes towards me.
The Big Bad Wolf took me by surprise! I screamed, but that scream quickly morphed into laughter as I realized the irony of the situation. My mom and I chatted with the dog's owner for a few minutes before she and her dog continued their walk.
This wolf was hardly big or bad. Instead, he was a hilariously perfect addition the photoshoot.

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