Friday, April 12, 2013

Springtime Tea

I found this pretty 1956 photo on myvintagevogue's photostream on Flickr. 
 Spring (although I use that term loosely right now given current local weather patterns!) seems like a great time to have a tea party, so I decorated a tiered shelf in my room accordingly.
My grandma, who taught folk art painting classes, painted these houses.
 I made this satisfyingly thick slice of cake out of paper scraps, topping it off with a fabric flower.
...And of course there needed to be some pretty tea cups involved! The chair was made of wire and a bottle cap and was given to me by my friend Willow, along with the small tea cup. The bunny was also painted by my grandma. Now warmer weather just needs to roll in so that this flowery pastel embellishment doesn't seem so out of place!

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